Friday, February 27, 2009

String Beans with Pork/ Ginisang Batong

This is one of my favorite Filipino food, Ginisang Batong or String beans with pork meat. My Nanay (Mom's aunt) used to cook this always for us since they had string bean plants on their backyard. The beans were fresh and not fertilized so it really tasted good. Oh I miss it! This is easy to prepare. Just like any other Filipino ginisa dishes, the meat and other vegetables such as garlic, tomatoes, onion, red or green pepper are fried on heated oil first. Then the meat is added. When the meat is cooked, water can be added then the vegetables or the string beans. String beans should not be overcooked to keep its crunchiness. Green beans can be used in substitute of the string beans. Enjoy this healthy, delicious dish.

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