Monday, January 19, 2009

Anchor Laura Diaz of CBS 2 KCAL 9 News Team

I just finished cooking for dinner when I decided to sit down for a while and check what's on the news online. I came across with Anchor Laura Diaz news page of CBS 2 KCAL 9 News Team. She is an interesting person. Laura Diaz is a newscaster from Southern California. She is also a native of SoCal and a first generation Mexican-American. CBS Anchor Laura Diaz has received various awards and has been very successful in her field of work. Because of her achievements, she became part of Los Angeles television history. CBS Laura Diaz was named as a lead anchor for the station’s centerpiece 5PM and 11PM newscasts. Also, Laura Diaz CBS Anchor was one of the original hosts of Vista L.A. on KABC-TV which made her earned three prestigious Emmy Awards. Vista L.A. was one of the first public affairs program in Southern California. It has served English speaking Latino audience in the region. Her experience and good skills made her very popular among journalists. It is her passion and love to her work that makes her reach her goals. Her service to the people gives more blessings to her in return. Learn more about Laura Diaz here. I really admire her. Hope she will continue on doing the things she loves to do. More power to Anchor Laura Diaz and the CBS 2 KCAL 9 News Team.


Anonymous said...

Laura Diaz Anchor is the best. Here in Los Angeles, Laura Diaz gives us the news. I did an article on CBS Laura Diaz during highschool. She is the reason why I am now doing Journalism in college. Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

i have seen her thru the years and she is great. What a breath of fresh air she is in Los Angeles. I feel I can trust her reporting. She does so much in the community too.