Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tickle or Scare Me Please

Hubby and I had an appointment with a home seller one day. The seller has a cute female dog pet and she dressed her up. The dog was old already that was why she has her tongue hanging out. That made her look funny and sometimes scary. As if, she's about to bite you. I would like to submit her picture to a picture contest online. You too can join. If you have funny or scary pet pictures , this is your chance to win a prize. Choose the funniest or the scariest picture of your pet and win the contest. If yours is chosen you will win a $500 gift certificate to Lowes or Home Depot. This is sponsored by Energized Seller, a website for dedicated home sellers and real estate professionals. Their website has discussions about home selling and staging. They have 101 Home Selling and Staging Tips which can really help home sellers. Review these tips to increase chances for a successful sale and get as much money out of the home as possible. If you are selling now or 3 years from now, you'll find the rewards of following these tips well worth it. So good luck.


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