Monday, December 1, 2008

Zenni Optical's Holiday Frames

I badly need to have prescription glasses for computer use. That was why I had an eye check-up, not only once but twice, last month. I did the second eye check-up weeks later but the check-ups were held in two different clinics. I just want to make sure about the prescription that I will have. I checked the eyeglasses that the clinic was selling and these were too expensive but pretty. I remember then Zenni Optical's prescription glasses which are affordable and stylish. I made some posts about their eye glasses before so I am grateful about it. Right now, they have new and stylish Holiday frames to choose from. Honestly, I found a hard time to choose the one that I like. I spent a lot of time on deciding which one to buy. The one on the picture above is what I like but I had ordered already one similar to this. If only I found this pair first. But, I will surely order more in the future. I told my husband that we can order his new frames at since they have progressive glasses too. As for now, that pair of glasses is what he needs. I tried looking for transition glasses too but I think they don't have it yet. I am really excited about my new eyeglasses. It will be delivered next week, hopefully. You may try it too. Visit their website now and choose your favorite pair among the Holiday eyeglasses at Zenni Optical.

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