Monday, December 15, 2008

Vacations To Go


Looking at the picture makes me remember my husband and I having a nice and a relaxing vacation in Philippines. It has been a while that we went to a beautiful place and enjoyed the things that nature has offered. Recently, we went to the beautiful Pismo Beach and witnessed the sun setting down. It was so romantic in a wonderful place. We never planned that trip but we made it there. My husband and I always do spontaneous things. Imagine, we went to Yosemite Park which is almost 7 hours drive from our place without planning to go there. We even didn't have things, no clothes, shoes for trekking and personal things yet we stayed for two days there. It was after my AOS interview in Fresno when we headed to Yosemite. Just like our Pismo Beach trip, it was fun though. We also went to Modesto and almost missed the train because we didn't know the schedule. We just went there right away when my husband thought of something that we needed to do in Modesto. The trip again was memorable.
I am sure it is not only us who have done or love to do things spontaneously. I just wish that my husband will bring me to a place which is not cold and surrounded by crystal blue water. He has mentioned before that he wanted to go to Philippine islands every winter for a vacation because it is too cold in here. I wish he can leave his work for the main time. But if he really can do it then I will be more happy. Someday, it will happen but at times like this when business is not so good, I doubt it. We need to work hard to earn and save money for our future. If we truly want to go to a vacation and escape from work, we can contact Vacations To Go to help us plan a last minute cruise at up to 75% off. We can save and enjoy the trip as well. Vacations To Go can really help people who are striving hard to survive so they can also experience a relaxing vacation as a reward for working so hard. If you are interested, you can visit Vacations To Go website and check the kinds of deals you can get for your last minute cruise. You can explore too their 90-Day Ticker tool. Happy vacation then!


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