Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Newsmy / LightInTheBox One-Dollar-MP3-Cellphone

Have you heard about the stampede incident at WalMart? I bet all of you are aware of this. This is one of the reasons why I hate to go to stores when there are a lot of people especially when there are sales and promos that cause people to go and be there first in line. Everybody is aiming to get in first to get the limited items on sale and being there is not that easy. Pushing each other is expected and it may lead to a stampede and even death. So it is better to stay at home and use the computer when purchasing online.

Online Shopping is popular these days. It is more accessible and safe than going to the store because there is no crowded rush or even danger of stampede. You might say that it is expensive online because you will pay the shipping fees but you also feel the comfort and avail free shipping by picking up items only in stores. Also, there are best deals online especially the Newsmy and LightInTheBox promotion. They brought cellphone and MP3 player from China with only $1. Yes it is only a dollar. These two companies come together to provide a special offer of One-Dollar-MP3-Player and One-Dollar-Cellphone with an aim to attract more global customers to be aware of the superb quality-price-ratio of China-made consumer electronics products. Newsmy is China-based leading consumer electronics brand with more than 500 Newsmy Specialty Stores in China. Its product lines ranges from digital AV, car electronics, mobile storage, communications, imaging, etc. It has the potential to become China's Sony or Samsung as what many people believe. On the other hand, is a China-based leading value-adding global online distributor, which is serving both business customers and customers from more than 100 countries with more than 100 thousand products. Visit the links to learn more about the products and for you to start shopping conveniently. I just bought an mp3 for a $1.

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