Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fruit Salad

There are a lot of variations for fruit salad. You can prepare mixed fruits with just a whipped cream or table cream on it or sprinkle it with lime juice and salt. My preparation is different because I add avocado cubes with condensed milk and table cream or all purpose cream. In Philippines, we eat avocado with sugar or condensed milk. People here find it odd and disgusting. I was even surprised when I came here and found out they eat it with tomatoes and spices. I understand how they feel but I encourage them to try avocado in fruit salad and in smoothies or shakes. My husband didn't want to try it at first but when I made a shake for him, he liked it that up to now, he eats every avocado dessert that I make. Recently, I made fruit salad with tropical fruits, apple, banana and avocado. It was yummy and sweet.

I just mixed the sliced apples and avocado cubes with tropical fruits (in can) and added the table cream and condensed milk. You may also add colored marshmallow so it will be colorful and attractive. If you add avocado and bananas, be sure to eat it right away because the color and taste will change if you let it stay in the fridge for more than a day.

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