Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of My Laptop Bag

"I met my best friend 4 years ago and our friendship started to grow. We compliment and depend on each other for without any one of us, we are both useless. There was not a day that my best friend would ignore me until I met my new owner. I like her but she tried to take away my best friend from me and I hated it when I thought about it. Before, every end of the day, my dear friend will always return to me and I kept him safe. I was always with him no matter what happened. I defended him from any harm, gave him a shade when he needed it and kept him warm when he was cold. I even saved him when he fell. Ignoring me now hurts me so much. He really likes our new owner because he has forgotten me. They are together all day and all night. I am really jealous but no matter what, I will be always here waiting for him. Whenever he is ready to return to me, my arms are widely open to welcome him. I am always keeping him safe because I love him... I am a laptop bag and this was my story."

If only laptop bags have lives, my laptop bag has already complained. I was watching a soap opera recently and the leading lady was too emotional. She expressed herself to her things and keep on talking to them. She even named a few of her belongings. I realized that sometimes, we take for granted what we have. All the things are important and we should value it. As for my laptop bag, it is very helpful in keeping my laptop safe. Though I haven't used it for a while because I always use my laptop but every time I go somewhere, I depend on this bag. I truly value the importance of it. So if you are looking for a bag for your computer, Spire USA can help you. It is a leading provider of quality laptop bags that last a lifetime. No matter where your travels take you, Spire bags will protect your laptop under the roughest conditions. Visit their website to learn more about the product. As for now, I'll return my laptop to its bag. I'll give it a rest and keep it safe with the help of the laptop bag.


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