Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale

I guess, this is the time that I have been waiting for. This is the time for me to buy a new blender during the Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale. I have checked Sears online and found out that all Kenmore cookware, bakeware & kitchen appliances and grills are on sale. I am interested more with this Kenmore red blender. I can save $10 if I will buy it. I know there are cheaper ones but Kenmore is a good brand. Maybe you knew already why I like to have a blender. If you have read my previous post, I was talking about our old blender which was broken. Currently, I am using a small portable blender which takes time to make smoothies. That is why I needed so badly to have this type of blender. Aside from the blender, I like also the Kenmore cookware. I think I need a new set of these too. I wish my husband will buy these for me this holiday season. It would be a nice gift and very useful for my kitchen. You too can choose the items you like at Sears' website. Don't miss their Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.


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