Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looking for Best Cell Phone Deals?

My husband and I am currently planning to have new cell phones. We just renewed our cell phone plan and we can change phones if we desire. I want my husband to try the Sprint Instinct phone since he is using Sprint service. I like its features as advertised on TVs. It would be nice if my husband will buy that so I can also try it. I just hope that no more drop calls for his cell phone. We thought that it was because of his cell phone which is already old that causes the drop calls. That is why I want him to change to a new one. Anyway, I am interested with ATT Blackberry Bold. I heard my friends are using this one and I want to try it. My service is T-Mobile but I can switch plans. Right now, my husband has a good deal with Sprint that is why he won't change its service. I am also curious with Verizonwireless Storm. I like its ad that is shown on TVs about the dead zone. I think Verizon Wireless works well here in our city too. Right now I am confused, what cell phone I should get. There are a lot of best cell phone deals on the market that make us difficult to decide. If only I can afford to have more than one. Maybe, If I see some best cell phone deals for T-Mobile, I will stick with its service. I have a good cell phone plan too with T-Mobile network. So if you are also looking for cell phones, you better grab these best cell phone deals online. Visit the site to avail it.

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