Saturday, November 8, 2008

KMART Layaway

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Have you heard of the Kmart Lay-Away program? Yes, the only national discount department store is currently offering layaway which can help a lot of people nowadays to get what they want for Christmas. In our economy today, we need to stretch our budget in order to survive but we need to spend for the holidays for our love ones. We need to buy gifts to make someone happy. But if we don't have enough money to buy these things, it would be depressing. Good thing that Kmart offers layaway so we can reserve the things we like and just pay over time and pick later. I used to do this in Philippines. When I saw some pretty clothes, I made a reservation and paid little by little monthly till I paid all and got the clothes. It is not too painful to think that you spend much for clothing. It is because you pay in smaller amount and it doesn't hurt much compared to a one-time payment in a large amount. I would like to try the layaway program at Kmart. I have searched online and found out that there is one Kmart store here that offers the program. The payment is so easy. You will just select the items you like and bring them to the counter for the down payment. Then you will have your next payments every two weeks at your Kmart store and pick up the items when the payments are complete. Below is the picture of the item I like and there are still more. I like to have more sweaters for this winter season. You too can have it. Visit the website to learn more about the program.


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