Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cell Phones for Free on Black Friday

My husband and I planned to get a new cell phone. He is about to renew his plan with Sprint and I just renewed mine with T-Mobile. When I saw Sprint Instinct phone on TV, I told my husband to try that phone or the samsung instinct. I thought it was cool because of its features but he likes the Treo Palm phone's new model because he got used with Treo. I told him to check on Sprint Black Friday deals since I have learned that Black Friday website has a black friday sale and they offer the best deals for cell phones. I would love to check out their T-Mobile Black Friday sale since I really want to have a new phone. We might be able to get free cell phones if we visit the site especially now that Black Friday is approaching and a lot of black friday deals will be offered. I will try checking the at&t Black Friday deals too since we are using At&t at home. Maybe you noticed that we are using different services. It was because of the plan that my husband thought was good back then. His daughter is even using Verizon network. I would let her check the Verizon Wireless Black Friday sale. If you are interested, you may visit the site now and shop online to avoid the rush and get the best deals ahead of time.

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