Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Blog Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Blog Pictures

Maybe you have noticed that all my blogs have blog pictures. Everytime I make a post, I always try my best to include a picture that relates with the topic I am posting. Even with opportunities given by advertisers, I always create a picture for them which I have taken from their website of course. It could be an image, graphics or their company logo. I just got used on adding something that is colorful so my post will be attractive to read and my blog will look appealing to everybody. You can do it too. If you don't know how to edit graphics or an image, you can make use of They collect, screen, and host quality pictures for bloggers. All their images are properly licensed, optimized, and ready to use with blogs. So it will do the work to prepare your picture for your blog and you don't have to edit it. I like to use their pictures too because they have beautiful collections of it. Also, the adding of pictures is so easy. They have the code that we will just copy and paste and we don't have to download, resize or upload it which takes time. You will just go to your HTML window for your post and add the code their and go back to COMPOSE for you to see the picture. With their image codes, indeed, adding of pictures to your post is so easy, simple and it is free! Now you can make your post attractive to your readers. Visit Acobox now and start using their blog pictures for free. Above is an example of their pictures.

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