Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Web Flames

My Toastmasters' speech project number two was about web flames. I was talking about the relationship that can be developed online. It is finding your love, soul mate or partner in life on the world wide web or the popular cyberspace. When love strikes on two people who live thousand of miles apart, no one can stop them to cut the distance and be together no matter what. "Indeed, when love struck us, we became conquerors, conquerors of time, space and almost everything. Really, love conquers all!" If you believe that love is unconditional and it is experienced by everyone no matter how you look like or where you live, you should better try to find the person you are looking for using the network. I am not forcing you to find your lover online but only telling you that dating online works and true love can be found online. Who knows, your soul mate is waiting for you at which is a dating site. Here, you may find your true love by signing up free and you can search for free too. This website is a good example for you to have web flames. I bet you will find the right one for you here if you haven't met yet the love of your life. This is your chance to meet that special someone so don't waste a single second and sign up now. Below are some words to ponder which are taken from my speech.

"In finding love on the net, know what you are looking for and get it. A lot of heartache comes from people not knowing what they want. Don't just go along with someone simply because they want you. Make sure you want them, for who they are, in return. You deserve to be in a relationship with the person that's right for you not just the person who wanted you. If they are not right for you move on and find the one who is. Be picky and give yourself some credit. You are perfect to someone and someone is perfect for you. Keep your standards high and it will pay off in the end. Take it from me for I did it well.

Always bear in mind that to accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. I believe in dreams, I believe in love, I believe in Web Flames. Why? I just had mine… "


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