Thursday, October 2, 2008

Book A Luxury Vacation with Travel Store USA

Even summer is over, you can still have your dream vacation. How about taking a break from cooking and book a luxury vacation to Costa Rica? I always hear that this place is so amazing. It is just like Philippines that has beautiful natural resources and attractions. I like the nature and it feels so calm and peaceful whenever you are surrounded by trees and pretty scenery. Oh I love to go there even just in my dream. I know right now, my husband and I am so busy with work but we deserve to have a good vacation. I told my husband that we need a break. I am not sure when we can have a real vacation. We just had a trip recently but we didn't really stay for days. I just wish that we can have a real vacation so for us to enjoy and relax. Regarding booking, maybe we could try Travel Store USA. They offer vacation packages to any destination around the world. It is perfect because they have vacation packages Costa Rica. It really sounds good. We can do a lot of things there. My husband loves the water so we will surely do snorkling again like we used to. We can also go kayaking, parasailing, boating, fishing, river rafting, water skiing and a lot more. After that I would like to see the nature and animals. We can do birdwatching, canopy or zip line tours, mountain biking, hiking in over a dozen national parks which is really cool and hot air ballooning which is a bit scary for me. There are natural hot springs too and we can do horseback riding and more. There are a lot of exciting things to do if you are in a vacation. I am really looking forward to it. Who knows, we might be able to take a break and have my dream vacation. If you are interested too, visit for more information regarding their offers and book a luxury vacation now.

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