Thursday, October 2, 2008

To Have a Restaurant is My Family's Dream

Having a restaurant is my family's dream. My father used to cook in a restaurant when he was younger. He was a working student so he worked at night while studying during daytime. Even today, he still cook for the people. Every time there is a gathering or an occasion, he is always the one who cook for the guests and visitors. Before I left Philippines, we have discussed it and if I fulfill my family's dream, we will be very happy. That is why we are trying our best in order to make our dream come true. If ever I will be given a chance to open up a restaurant, I would really try hard to succeed. But opening one is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider like the venue, furnitures, menu and most of all the capital. With the menu, it would be easy but still a feasibility study and a plan is important to prevent failure. Regarding furnitures, we can rely on Contract Furniture Company. They have a huge selection of commercial restaurant furniture, including a variety of chairs and tables. Their aluminum outdoor furniture like wrought iron, wood, resin, and other furniture match any restaurant's décor and are affordable and high quality. If you are planning to open up a restaurant or you have opened up already but need to change the furnitures, you can visit and try their commercial restaurant furniture.

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