Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tinolang Manok/Chicken Soup with Papaya

Tinolang Manok is everybody's favorite. This is good especially for breastfeeding mothers. I remember my Mom and my Grandma who loved to cook this soup using native chicken. It tastes good with plain rice. Sipping its warm tasty soup feels good that will make you sweat and full. The papaya adds a sweet taste and it is perfect with the chicken. I want to use Philippine native chicken for this soup. But you can try it with the chicken meat found in the market and this is easy to cook. You just need chicken meat, papaya, spinach or any greens such as pechay, lemon grass and salt&pepper to taste. Just boil the water first and add the meat. Let it boil again and add the vegetables with the seasonings. Then cook for a few minutes and serve with rice.

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