Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grilled Sirloin

This is the main entree that we ordered at Pelican Point Bar and Restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA. It is a 9 oz center cut grilled sirloin served atop chive baked potato sirloin with roasted seasonal vegetables and wild mushroom demi. Everything was perfect except the grilled sirloin. The waitress recommended medium well-done which is pink in the inside and not bloody. So we agreed to that but we were disappointed when we tried our plate. It felt like we were chewing a rubber, it was rare and bloody! The cooked part was not bad but we really expected that it was good. Hubby thought that I can cook better than this. We ate everything because the vegetables and baked potato were good except the meat. So we finished the meal unsatisfied. We were given free desserts though.

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