Friday, September 5, 2008

You Could be A Star!

Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover is dedicated to helping the average Joe get the most out of their digital lives. It's not only cooking that I like, I want to try this fun spirited makeover show like no other. If we need help putting together a fun multimedia show for a special occasion or just for some giggles, Zoey and Chris will help us along the way. To be a star would be a lot of fun and by entering the contest, we could be chosen as one. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so better join now and we could win some digital goodies like an HDTV, cameras and more.

Have you seen the episodes? I like the Wedding Day Crunch. That episode was about an engaged couple, Michael and Monika who wished to put together a multimedia show that chronicles their lives. Their wedding is coming so they want to prepare something for their guests to see during the reception. Zoey and Chris had helped the couple bringing back the old memories and restoring the pictures and made a slide show out of it. It would be perfect for the guests to witness the happy events in their lives as single people and being together. Zoey and Chris did a great job!

Did you wish to be a star on that show? Yes you can. Just watch the show and enter the contest for a chance to be featured on the show or win some prizes.

Sponsored by Roxio Digital Makeover

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