Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watch The Sproutwells and Join Freshfunds

The Sproutwells is a new animation consisting of a typical fruit and veggie family living among humans. They live with humans and talk to them. Though the habits are different but this veggie family tries its best to get along with people. One of them is Rosie, an old lady who is their neighbor. She is too nosy about this veggie family. She's wondering why this family always have packages and where those come from. It is irritating when you have known someone like that. So better ignore her. But those fresh deliveries came from The family is an avid user. With freshfunds, you can bid on cool prizes, at the same time, support a healthy lifestyle. It is a lot like ebay but you need to try this. Visit and join today and start bidding on prizes like the Wii Fit, DVD Player and other cool prizes. You'll never know, you'll get fresh deliveries too and let your neighbor be nosy like Rosie.

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

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