Monday, September 22, 2008

T-Shirt Printing Coupons

Who doesn't want a discount nowadays? I bet, each of us like it especially now that we are facing a lot of crisis. VistaPrint is offering discounts to their already low prices. If you are planning to have a t-shirt printing for your family or your company, you should grab this offer while it lasts. Below is the coupon code for your 25% discount for t-shirt printing. Just enter the code when you visit their website.

TShirts25 : 25% Off T-shirts
My family always have a clan Reunion every December. This would be a good time to have our t-shirt printed as a part of the preparation for the program. I used to design t-shirts too. With VistaPrint, you can also customize your design to be printed on a short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt. If you don't have your own design, you can browse the designs they have and you can use it. You can choose also the color of the shirts and the specifications. Aside from t-shirt printing, they also have other printing services like business cards and post cards. Visit the site now to check more of the details. Don't forget the code of your shirt to avail the t-shirt printing discount.

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