Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I remember one of our Fiestas in Philippines. Shrimp is always a favorite dish to prepare on the table for the visitors. But I would never bother to eat a lot of it instead I will choose the other pork dishes. Especially when our school principal is having a fiesta in his province, there is always a shrimp dish prepared. I regret that I haven't enjoyed much the shrimp back in Philippines and now I miss it. The fiesta is coming up and I am drooling for shrimp. My father cooks delicious shrimp. He just cook it with a bit of water, stir it until it dries and add salt or seasoning. Shrimp cooks in a few minutes and it is not good to over cook it. It tastes so good and sweeter when it is fresh. Hmmm, I better buy a pack later and cook it myself, the way my father cooks it. How I wish there are fresh ones here :(

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