Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Protect Your Computer and Your Self With Comodo

Since Internet technology has brought us comfort and entertainment, it also gave us problems. I guess, everything is not really perfect. That is why we need prevention because it is better than cure. Trusted Internet is what we need and let Comodo help us protect our computers and our selves.

Comodo is a well-respected internet security company. They sell digital certificates that make it possible for online businesses to operate on secure socket layers. If you have an internet transaction with one of these businesses, the digital certificate and secure socket layer keep your information private. And that is one way of protecting you from other users in the world wide web. Comodo offers free products for download. These products are useful to protect consumers from malaware. Below are some of the most popular Comodo programs that are free to download:

Comodo’s award-winning firewall
• anti-virus software
• secure email software

Visit the site to learn more about Trusted Internet and be worry-free when you are online.

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