Monday, September 8, 2008

Online Business Leadership Game Plan

Technology has widely influenced every person's life. It has brought good and bad things to everyone. But we benefited a lot from it and it gives more advantages than the disadvantages. Like computers and Internet, it has been a tool for success among people. It has been used for online business or Internet marketing. Some have succeed in their business online and others failed. With proper guidance from people who know well, utilizing the technology would be easy for business growth and success is possible.
What does an ex-Chief Technology Officer of a billion dollar company know about winning? Rick Braddy knows a lot. His passion for winning, and helping others achieve success in their businesses, resulted in the new e-book and audiobook on creating successful businesses - especially Internet-based business. This product is called the "Online Business Gameplan, Executive Leadership Guide", which provides business owners, executives and leaders of companies with proven strategies to increase online sales. In addition, there's a free 5-day video-based mini-course that covers these success strategies - something every small business owner, marketing and sales executive and entrepreneur should become familiar with and put to use. Mr. Braddy also created another free tool - the Online Business Gameplan Calculator which is a spreadsheet that anyone can use to quickly create an online business success model in about 10 minutes.

If you plan to have a new, profitable business or already maintaining an existing one, you may check out the Online Business Gameplan at With this, you can set and achieve sales goals, generate more hot leads for sales, convert more visitors in your sales page or landing page into customers, acquire new customers by reaching them over the Web and build a relationship with prospects so they'll buy more from you, automatically 24 x 7.

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