Friday, September 5, 2008

Great American Seafood Cook-Off Recipe Contest

The cook off is one of the activities that I long to witness. I've been watching cooking contests on TV and even soap operas or dramas about chefs and their dreams. I want to become one! How I wish that I could be one of the chefs or cooks competing for the cook-off. It would be a great pride to be a participant and being part of this Great American Seafood Cook-Off is already a victory. I heard about this contest before and I didn't know that there are chefs already who had been chosen as winners. They are so lucky! Visit to see the 5 star chefs showcasing their talents and skills in cooking in creating domestic, sustainable seafood recipes. Oh I love seafood because it is fresh, local, and has a great taste. I bet the chefs were all excited about this contest in New Orleans. I wished I had witnessed it. But I don't need to worry, I can still go there and watch another recipe contest. All I have to do is visit the website, vote among 5 recipes of the chefs and enter the recipe contest to have a chance to win a trip to New Orleans for another cook-off. It would be our chance to judge which recipe is best among the five. I like Mississippi chef's recipe, Chef John Currence's Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice. It sounds unique and delicious. I love rice and this attracted me most. Looking at the recipe makes me drool already. I like the vegetables in it especially okra and the peppers. The zest of lemon takes out the smell of the seafood and makes it smells so great. For me, the more ingredients it has, the exciting the taste is. But it also depends on the kind of ingredients and this one looks so yummy. I will try this someday. Maybe I could add more and adjust the ingredients according to my taste if ever I could try it already. To the chef, goodluck and for us, let's vote our favorite recipe and enter the contest now so to have a chance to win a trip to New Orleans prize package. Goodluck for us then!

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