Monday, September 1, 2008

Get paid to list your Video Auctions!

For auctions, business directory and classifieds, you can rely on Not only that, you will be paid if you list ads and auctions. Try the video auctions and video classifieds so you can start to earn money. This would be better than other auction sites because you will be earning upon listing your ad and will earn more if it is sold. Cool huh? So forget those pesky ebay fees, Listasaurus is the first site to PAY users for listing auctions! I would like to try the video auctions because my video will be included right away in classified and auction ads. If only I could sell my cooked food and dishes, I would have listed a lot of my it and earn upon listing it. The idea of being paid when you list something is really cool. People would surely want to try this. I myself would love to. I have signed up at ebay before but was hesitant because of the fees. I never tried to call them and ask. I was just not too interested. Maybe I will try this because I got a lot of stuff at home to sell. I got videos and collectibles. Items which are collected since long time ago and I bet the prices might be a bit high because of its value. My earnings could be double and how i wish! Maybe you guys can try and check it out. Visit their website now to learn more.

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