Monday, September 22, 2008

Fried Tilapia

Tilapia was not really my favorite when I was still in Philippines. I didn't like it much because they used to tell me that it came from the canal. It was just a joke that I took seriously and whenever I saw it, I couldn't eat it. I know it came from fresh ponds because at the province I saw a lot of it. It was when we had a clean-up drive as our community project for Rotaract Club when my co-Rotaractor told us a story about Tilapia. We were cleaning the canal at that time and we saw some Tilapias swimming in the dirty water. I always had that in my thoughts then.
When I arrived here in USA, i didn't eat much fish but when I met some Filipino friends, we always have Tilapia as one of the food we serve whenever we have a gathering. It looks delicious and so tempting. It is expensive here for a Tilapia but it is worth it. It tastes good with soy sauce and rice. We fry it and sometimes grill it. We can buy Tilapia at the ranch market and they will fry it for you. It is cheaper there. So I can only eat Tilapia if I am with friends and it feels like I am in Philippines. Hubby doesn't like much fish especially their head with their eyes open. As if they are pleading him not to eat them with their eyes staring back at him. He eats but only without the head. But we filipinos mostly like to munch on the crunchy part of the head. Even if it is a Tilapia. I like it now compared before. I am used to it already.

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