Monday, September 29, 2008

Dragon Blogging Benefits

Watch the video and you would surely imagine right away how this Dragon Naturally Speaking software could improve your life. As a blogger, it can really make a big difference. The software Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred or Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard is another product of advanced technology that could make us do our tasks easier. With this, posting would never been so easy. Instead of taking more time in typing, you can save time by just speaking to a mic with this software and every word you speak will be typed automatically. It is really cool! Your posting is faster and that means more opportunities to grab. Imagine, you can type 150 words per minute without getting tired since you are not using your fingers in typing. You will just keep on speaking and the software will do the typing. Thus, generating more content in less time compared to manual typing. The NY Times Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking tells all how this product is so useful to all bloggers and other computer users. Users like music lovers, they can use Dragon to convert podcast or audio from a videocast into a text to create full text show transcriptions or lyrics. I am really interested with this. Hope I can use this software in the future. Posting more cooking recipes for me will be very easy then. So if you are interested too, just visit the website and learn more about Dragon. Get ready for your life to improve.

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