Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cards for All Occasions creates Photo Christmas Cards or other holiday cards and announcements for you. It would be customized cards with your photos and greetings. Aside from the gift that you share or give, you can give cards with a family photo on it or a photo of yours. I could use a photo of me cooking to give it to my family back in Philippines so they will believe that I can really cook now. They can show it to my relatives then. But I can only give them cards without presents since they are too far and shipping is expensive. It's OK because cards are given heartily. It doesn't matter if you give nothing as long that there is a note or a card that reminds them that you remember them. The thought really counts the most! So send your special someone or love one a card to let them know you care and think of them. Visit the website to learn more. The pictures are a few examples of the cards.

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