Friday, September 5, 2008

Cabin Cuddler


Cabin Cuddler is perfect for travelling as a travel blanket. Especially that we are planning to go to Philippines, this would be very helpful and health wise, very safe. I have heard that airlines are no longer providing a blanket or a pillow to plane passengers so this cuddler would be perfect for travelling on air. It can be a tote bag that will turn into a personal hygienic pillow case so it is easy to carry. It comes with it's own inflatable pillow and has patented pocket that will always keeps our feet warm. Its contour cut of the blanket covers every inch of our body. The fact that you won't find blankets and pillows on the airplanes anymore, we need to bring ours. This cabin cuddler would be our saviour and will keep us comfortable while travelling. The Cabin Cuddler addresses the hygenic & comfort issues that face travelers in this day and age. Even if it is still summer, you can use this blanket. Did you know that most passengers get cold on airplanes during the summer travel season? The reason being that passengers are traveling in shorts, t-shirst, mini skirts, tank tops, & sun dresses and with A/C being cranked up on the airplanes, this is when people get the coldest. It might not be a meat locker on the airplane but passengers definitely feel like it is and the Cabin Cuddler takes the edge off regarding this. Moreover, if you get stuck at an airport for a night, the Cabin Cuddler has a pillow & blanket to make your 'stay over' in the gate area a little more comfortable than wrapping yourself up in USA today newspaper. It is a 6-in-1 blanket and pillow that is very useful. I would love to try it! This can be used to during winter season. Maybe I can use this while cooking to keep me warm. I can save energy instead of using the heater fully. It would be winter soon so this cuddler is useful all year round.

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