Thursday, September 18, 2008

30% Off Offer for “High Quality” Wholesale Beads

Aside from cooking, I like collecting beads too especially when I was still in Philippines. I like collecting freshwater pearls that Filipinos have cultured and mostly it comes from Davao City. I like also cheap but pretty beads that can be found on the street stalls of Iligan city and malls. Here in USA, there are also a lot of it but I found pretty ones at Beads of Cambay. It is one of the top wholesale gemstone beads suppliers online. What's good is that they offer discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of “high quality” gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. The rich colors, smooth edges and dramatic reflections you`ll find on Beads of Cambay are just a few of the qualities that jewelers and professional designers have come to rely upon. They do the inventory impact the latest market trends by providing the newest stones, colors and shapes and they are the premiere distributor of hand-selected beads to both wholesalers and retailers worldwide. With their quality and style, you can order with confidence from Beads of Cambay. You can rely on their legacy of quality sourcing and the market expertise of a professional staff with experience in their own mining and manufacturing facilities. As a family-owned and managed provider, they promise each customer will see and feel the difference of their superior beads and gems. So check out the beads and pearls, visit their website now.

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