Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thai Fried Rice

This is a Thai specialty from Wok Cuisine, Oriental to America recipe book. Thai traditionally crush chili peppers with garlic for this dish. Wok Cuisine made it easier to fix by using prepared chili paste. And it tastes just as good as the traditional dish! I haven't tried it but a friend from Thailand said that this really tastes good. Try it.

12 ounces lean boneless pork or beef
1 tbsp cooking oil
2 beaten eggs
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 medium onion, chopped (1/2 cup)
1 small green or sweet red pepper, chopped (1/2 cup)
2 to 3 tsp chili paste
3 cups chilled cooked rice
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp snipped cilantro or parsley
Lime wedges

*Trim fat from pork or beef. Partially freeze pork or beef. Thinly slice meat across the grain into bite-size strips. Set Aside.

*Pour 1 tbsp cooking oil into a wok or large skillet. Preheat over medium heat. Add eggs. Lift and tilt the wok to form a thin sheet of egg. Cook, without stirring, about 2 minutes or just till set. Slide the egg sheet onto a cutting board.Cut into 3/4-inch-wide strips. Set Aside.

*Pour 1 tbsp cooking oil into a wok or large skillet. (Add more oil as necessary during cooking.) Preheat over medium-high heat. Stir-fry garlic in hot oil for 15 seconds. Add the onion and green pepper; stir-fry about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes or till crisp-tender. Remove vegetables from the wok. Add the pork or beef to the hot wok. Stir-fry for 2-3 minutes or till no pink remains.

*Return the cooked vegetables to the wok. Stir in chili paste. Add the rice and the fish sauce; stir-fry for 1-2 minutes or till heated through. Arrange the egg strips over rice mixture. Sprinkle with cilantro or parsley. Garnish with lime wedges. Serve immediately. Makes 4 main-dish or 8 side-dish servings.

Nutritional information per serving: 465 calories, 25 g protein, 46 g carbohydrate, 19 g fat (5g saturated), 164 mg cholesterol, 758 mg sodium, 399 mg potassium.

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