Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scilly Island Holiday

How I wish I could travel and have a very wonderful vacation. Leaving home for a few days, taking a break from doing household chores, cooking and work. I would love to try a Scilly Island Holiday which sounds really cool. An island holiday is what I like and I am sure I will be having a great time and a good relaxation. Since it's been a long time when I last visited the beach, I really miss swimming and have a real good time watching the waves. I should go there with my husband and will consider this vacation as another honeymoon. We miss the islands of Philippines but since we have been there already, we like to fly to the isles of Scilly. I am imagining the cool blue water and the white sand, the tropical fruits and drinks. I came across with their website and the island is really beautiful. A nice place to spend with your someone special. They have special offers and a range of discounts to help you visit the islands for less. What a good deal! I really wish for a place like this. For a good discount like that, who would not want to wish something like this?

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