Friday, August 29, 2008


Do you enjoy bird watching? I do. Whenever we are in a place full of trees, birds are everywhere. One property that we visited one time has a lot of birds like hummingbirds in the backyard. The owner left some water on the bird feeder. I was thinking that I would like to have one so I can place it in our front yard for birds to stop by and be fed with food and water. I could be an ornithologist then. I just realized that this is the technical term for bird watchers. Ornithologist comes from the greek words "ornis" and ""logos" which means bird and knowledge respectively. So you want to be an Ornitholo-what-a-gist? I mean Ornithologist? Start now by buying a bird feeder to attract the birds so you can watch them. Visit the link that I have provided, they offer bird feeders that you need. Below is the video I took of a mockingbird. It seemed very thirsty that was why I didn't catch it to be cooked for dinner. Just kidding...

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