Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking Forward to Have My own Domain Name

Yes, I really need to have my own domain name. Maybe later when my page rank is changed to zero. I hope not. I can have a domain name anytime but I need to finalize my layout and template first. Also I am reading web hosting reviews for me to choose which web hosting site is best. I came across with this new and fully dynamic web hosting rating and review site which is really helpful to me. You should visit this site too especially if you are also planning to have your own domain name. They have articles for you to read and learn. They have tips for choosing a domain name which is helpful and very informative. The ratings and reviews that they have help us decide which web hosting sites give better services. When you have decided which one, you will be using the service for about a year and you can change your web host then if you decide to have it hosted with a different company. I like to use one company for life that is why I want to choose the best one before letting my domain name to be hosted permanently. It would be a hassle for me changing web hosts and looking for best ones again.

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