Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is Alli The Best Diet Pill?

More and more diet pills are coming out in the market. Consumers are having confusions on which one to choose. They say--- the media and Internet--- that there are Best Diet Pills that we can use but since there are too many of them, we tend to find difficulty which is which. I posted a while ago about Alli. Til now I haven't have the courage to go on with it. When I last checked my weight, I lost 2 lbs because I was 140 lbs and now 138 lbs. I didn't use any diet pills but I lost a couple of pounds. Maybe because of lack of sleep and also, I didn't eat much recently, except if there is a party. My husband and I eat once or twice a day because we are too busy. It's not a good habit but we try to munch on something just to go away the hunger. Can stress from work make you fat? Because if we go on like this, I might gain more weight. Maybe that will the time that I will be serious with taking diet pills. I checked online about these. Lo! There are a lot of it in different prices. I think the higher the price is, the more effective it is. I hope so. Still, I want to read more reviews about these so I can learn which ones really are the best diet pills. With different products in the market now, competition is really tight. Products are competing against each other trying to attract the most users. I guess, whoever has the best reviews will get more positive responses and more consumers. As for me, whatever is best, I'll go with it. I would still consider Alli even it doesn't show on the list as one of the bests. But the media said it is...

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