Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grandfather Clock

In cooking, time is very important. My oven has its own timer to remind me of the time. It buzzes but when I am not in the kitchen, I can't hear it. That is why it is very important to observe time at all times so I will be always on the right track. So when cooking, I always have my wristwatch with me, or not, I always observe my grandfather clock which my husband has placed on the living room so I can watch closely the time if I am not in the kitchen. I also have a wall clock in my bedroom. I like the grandfather clock most because of its style and elegance. Mine is shorter than the one on the pic. I like the taller ones but maybe next time, we will consider havig one. It would be lovely in our living room. There is one online store that sells this kind of clocks. They have different grandfather clocks, also wall clocks and other types of clock. You will find what you need there. So you should try checking it out. As for me, I've seen my favorite already. I would always depend on my clocks when cooking. Time is as important as the dishes I prepared.

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