Thursday, July 3, 2008

Steamed or Boiled Okras

This is how I cook and eat my okra. It's quick and healthy. I learned this from my Mom. We used to have okra plants in our backyard. Everytime we harvested it, we always cooked it this way, with rice. Actually, the rice needs to be cooked first, when it boils and you simmer it, that's the time to cook the okra. You can place directly the washed okras on top of the rice but it's better to separate it, put it on a saucer first before putting it on top of the rice. In that way, there would be no slimey juice that will be mixed with the rice. In this way too, you won't make all the rice smell like okra, so if you have leftover rice, you can still eat it with other food. The okras are cooked when the rice is cooked too :) I love okras with soy sauce with vinegar or with Ginamos/Bagoong. You may slice the okra before steaming or boiled with water. But i like it this way, so to keep the slimey juice and seeds intact :)

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