Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great American Seafood Cook Off

Have you checked my Bean Sprout with shrimp? If you haven't, I want you to check it out again and try to make a comment about it. Tell me if it looks good or even tastes good. I made that recipe because I miss the Filipino style bean sprout dish with shrimp back in Philippines. So I have created my own recipe and it tasted good for me. My husband even liked it so much that he ate a full plate of it without rice. I like creating simple domestic seafood and this is one of them. I like to create more specially just purely seafood. I heard there is a Great American Seafood Cook off. If given the chance to join the contest, I would be willing to create more seafood dishes. I am excited for this event cos the skills and talents of every individual would be polished and this might be a means of achieving a dream. Aside from this, it relates to positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability. In this contest, the source is known and it is local and fresh. I can't wait for this event!

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LeNg said...

great idea fel, thank you for sharing this here, as always you have plenty of creative idea on most stuff, go girl keep up the good work, i'll try this recipe too.