Monday, July 28, 2008

Diet Pills

Obesity is one of the problems of American people specially to teens and kids. It targets the youngsters who have no limit in calories intake. No wonder a lot of diet pills are now coming out on the market. There's Alli which gained a lot of approval from users. I was almost tempted to use this one because I am also interested with diet pills. I gained weight when I arrived here. I was 118 lbs and I am almost 140 lbs lately, maybe I am more than that now. I haven't checked my weight but I am sure I gained a few pounds. It is not easy to lose weight and it's too tiring to do exercises. It's not fun specially if you are too busy with work. I always sit and just stand to get something to eat, or go somewhere. I do love to play sports but just don't have time. We all know that when taking pills you have to do exercises and watch our diet too. My husband always tell me I am into SEE-FOOD diet, which means, When I see food, I eat it! Which is true because I have a good appettite. But I still have the courage to lose weight. A while ago, I tried Green Tea with Hoodia. I took it for almost two months and I watched my diet too. I did sit-ups and walking but there was no result. I didn't lose any pound but I didn't gain too. I wanted to try Alli, they say it's effective and safe. It's just expensive and I thought it might work because of the price. Until now I haven't tried yet because I'm scared. One day, I will have the courage to try other diet pills. Some say it's good, but some say it's not. My husband is one of the people who think negative. He said, it's only a waste of money. Anyway, I still want to try. I heard that there are good ones that belong to the best diet pills like Anoretix, Fentraphen, CliniTrim, Xyphedra and more.

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