Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buyer's Remorse

Bankruptcy is one of the things that people fear aside from death. It is not easy to be in a situation that everything you have worked for will be lost. This is a result of unending debts, people are scared of it but just don't have the choice. Here in USA, I've never been in a financial nightmare yet but I swear, I'll surely lose my mind for a day. But I will try to fight and rise up to get over with it. I know there is a solution to such a problem. Just like what I did when I was still in Philippines. It wasn't easy to get over it. I thought I'll see myself in jail. My co-teachers and I had a group loan before and it almost took our lives in a mess. We let someone used the money and that person didn't pay it. What we did was, asking the family to help us out. Good thing the family of that person helped us and we had paid the debt. It was a long emotional torture because that problem was not solved right away. It took us months to get over it. Thank God, we found ways to pay the loan and we have managed to clear our names. Thanks also to our friends and family who helped us and gave us advices. It is really important to have someone to discuss debt and money matters with. The ones with experience so you'll be confident enough that nothing will go wrong and you'll get over with your debt problems. Just like BillsIQ, a website that can help you with your financial matters. It assists in the understanding of overall financial health and ways to improve your financial score. Why not try it now before it's too late.

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