Monday, June 23, 2008

Valentine Cake

It's easy to bake cake if you don't have to start from scratch. Using Betty Crocker's cake in a package is the quickest way for me to prepare a cake. I don't have to measure and mix the yeast flour and etc. I don't have to spend money buying a pack of flour and just waste the extra. We had wasted a lot already before and since I've tried this cake, baking for me is so easy. Above is a picture of Betty's Devil Cake (for Valentine's day). I made a heart-sahaped cake for hubby. Shaping it is easy.

Then I added chocolate frosting and the confetti sprinkles. I added some marshmallows on its sides but it wasn't properly placed lol, was soo sleepy when I baked this (past midnight!) Obviously, it's not presentable. I promised hubby I'll make it pretty next time ;) By the way, you may not include egg yolks to lessen the cholesterol content. So try baking now and make your own design. Believe me it's easy ;)

Now this is for you...

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