Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tropical Coconut Dessert

My friend Myrna, gave this to me when I was sick. It was so nice of her. She bought this one from one of the stores here in CA. Can't remember, but I think it was at Costco. You must try this guys, it really tastes good. Tastes like the one we have in Philippines. I miss eating young coconut meat. I remember every morning my brother will climb our tree and get young coconuts with fresh buko (coco )juice and drink it. The meat is sweet and tastes good. I'm drooling now. This tastes good with other fruits. We call it buko salad...creamy and yummy!


Anonymous said...

Lami tan-awon Fel, pero lahi ang bagol, stateside ug itsura hehehe!

Felicity said...

mao jud, giayo limpyo pero lami jud cya.nangita ko ayo ani kay palit ko :)