Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tacos In Soft Shells

Taco Asada in Soft Shell
Rice and Beans, soft tacos (chicken and asada),sliced jalapeno and raddish
This is one of my favorite food. I don't like much Mexican food but I like soft tacos. I eat refried beans and rice but not too much. It depends also on how the food is cooked. I just don't like its smell, specially the tacos in hard shells, I hate it. I'll puke if ever I'll try to eat it. I started hating it when I took some antibiotics when I got sick. Everytime I smell the tacos, I feel like barfing. But with these, I drool! mmmmm I love chicken and karne asada :) By the way, I like La Villa's tacos, they make good tacos, also their Shrimp Cocktail. Have you tried the mobile taco stand? They have good tacos too :) Love it specially when there's jalapeno, lemon and raddish!

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