Monday, June 2, 2008

Pastrami Sandwich And Fried Mushrooms

Pastrami sandwich is one of our favorite sandwiches. Hubby likes it so much. At first taste, I didn't like it, tasted weird. Maybe because i wasn't used with the taste. I havent tried pastrami in Philippines. So when hubby let me try this, I didn't appreciate much the taste. But later on, i beginning to like it, that almost everyday, I wanna eat it! No wonder I gain a lot of lbs lol
Pastrami and mushrooms are good together. Everytime we buy the sandwich, there should be fried mushrooms too. We can only buy these if I'm not in the mood of cooking and when we are together in the office and have no time to cook when we get home. We can buy these at Super Tom's or Frosty's. We like Super Tom's better, aside from big sandwiches, it isn't that greasy. Expensive though but it's worth it. We met the owner Tom. A good guy, he drove me to the office one day when I missed the bus. We are his avid customers. We love his sandwiches! He has a branch store in Taft. I'm not sure with other cities. If you happen to pass by Super Tom's, try their pastrami sandwich and fried mushrooms ;)

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