Friday, June 13, 2008

Inun-unan/Paksiw na Isda/Fish Paksiw

My all-time favorite when I was in Philippines. I just tried eating again this one when my filipino friends here in Bako met. We always prepare filipino dishes everytime we have a gathering. That's why I like it ;) Feels like I am in Phi whenever they are around with me. This was cooked by Rose, similar recipe with mine. The ingredients below are used depending on ur desired sourness and taste.

Fish (Any kind)
Soy Sauce

Mix all ingredients except oil. Let it boil and simmer til the fish is cooked. You may cook it until the solution dries. Then add a little bit of oil. Stir and serve with rice.

I like to eat this with a solution of soy sauce and spicy vinegar. You may add it with sliced tomatoes and onions. Also it tastes good with bagoong :)


Anonymous said...

awww favorite ko to!!! inun-unan din tawag nito sa amin tapos gustung gusto pag fresh kamias ang ginamit na pang asim!!! ggrrrr nakakalaway to!

eyeshows said...

Naglaway na gani ko, lami jud ni e suwa sa bahaw.

yoli said...

thanks for enlightening me... i just read an fb comment from my friend who hails from cebu - she said champorado with inun-unan. now i know what inun-unan is, but champorado and paksiw??? scratches head...

Jack said...

Nagtulo pod ako laway dah.

Anonymous said...

hello..pki lagay nman yong measuremnet ng mga ingredients pllsss...thank u