Sunday, June 8, 2008

Avocado-Banana & Pecan Pie-Ice Cream Desserts

I only eat a lot of bananas if it is mixed with Ice Cream or Avocado and milk. Aside from eating it with Ginamos or Bagoong, I like to eat bananas when it is mixed with something sweet and creamy. Especially if there's ice cream, oh i love it!

This is how I prepare my avocado and banana, I posted a days ago about my avocado dessert recipe and here are the pictures. This has sliced avocado and banana ( 1 each), milk with sugar to make it more sweeter, scoop/s of ice cream (you can also use whipped cream), and topped with corn flakes cereal. You can also add straberries or cherries... Looks yummy huh, it is for me ;)
It's just like halo-halo but doesn't have much fruits in it. Hubby still isn't used to Avocado's taste as a dessert, instead he has his own favorite, my favorite too :) It's pecan pie from FoodMaxx topped with Butter Pecan flavored ice cream. mmmmmm yummy!

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello Fel, kalami ba tanan sa mga desserts mo oi, hehehe