Friday, May 30, 2008

My Favorite Shake And Dessert: Avocado Shake And...

Avocado (Alligator Pear) is a healthy fruit. It is good for the veins. It has a high concentration of dietary fiber, vitamins and potassium. It also aids in preventing heart attack. Not only that, it is also good for the face. Some people use this on face to obtain a clear, younger looking skin.
When I arrived here, I was shocked when i saw Guacamole. They use avocado as a dip, added with tomatoes and spices, it tastes good with chips. And i told them (mostly the spanish people) that in Philippines, we eat avocado with sugar and sometimes make a shake out of it. It tastes good. It is served in restaurants and it is included in shakes menu. So I shared the avocado shakes with them (office-mates, mexican store-owners, cashiers etc). Even made an avocado shake at home and let Frank taste it, he liked it ;) We broke our blender when I made my avocado shake, cos the ice I added was so hard...hard to grind. But twas good.
To make an avocado shake, all you need to do is prepare 1 or more avocados of course, add a cup of milk(usually 1 cup for 1 piece avocado) , add sugar (measured according to your desired sweetness), you may also use condensed milk and just reduce the sugar. Then enough ice(2 cups), be sure the ice can be easily crushed. You may adjust the measurements.
Aside from the avocado shake, i also eat this with cereal and ice cream. It's another version of Halo-Halo (mixed fruits) but instead of having a variety of fruits, I only have avocado and banana and mostly, I eat it with avocado alone.
In a bowl, I sliced in cubes the avocado and banana after peeling it. I added milk, sugar and mixed it. Then I add a scoop of ice cream and cereal or corn flakes on top. I love the taste. Hubby didn't like it much but i like it. He's not used to the taste. He liked guacamole better with chips. He ate only the ice cream and cereal. You can try it if you like...

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