Saturday, May 24, 2008

Giniling (Ground Beef or Pork) Also Known as Picadillo

Photo Credit: by RicanRicepes

Giniling is one of my favorite food. When i was in Philippines, my co-teachers and I liked to order this for P15.00. I wonder how much is this now. Just tried what Grace Hallamor has instructed me then i added only a few ingredients.

Here's the recipe:GinilingGround beef or pork (i used Beef)
garlic, onion, tomatoes
potatoes, carrots cut into small cubes
bellpepper, cut into small cubes
soy sauce
black pepper and creole seasoning
oyster sauce, catsup, sugar,patis (these are optional)


Saute garlic, onion and tomatoes( i used a little vegetable oil).
Add ground meat, cook until all liquid is gone (u may drain it and get rid of the oil).
Add potatoes, carrots and raisin, simmer.
Add seasoning ( i used CREOLE seasoning, added with soy sauce and black pepper).
Add bellpepper, simmer until done.
Serve with rice.
Enjoy eating :)

Here's my other recipe for this which is quick and simple.

You will need ground beef, potatoes (diced), carrots, bell pepper, onions, oyster sauce and ketchup

Cook ground beef and drain. Place it back to the skillet and add all vegetables, stir. Cook vegetables. Add oyster sauce and ketchup just enough to get your desired taste. Heat thoroughly and serve. Try it, I am sure you will love it.


Anonymous said...

thanks sa mga recipies mo. tagal ko na hinanap toh nd ko lang talaga alam kung ano pangalan at paano lutuin. thanks and masarap sya.

Anonymous said...

Hi! i came across this recipe, tried it and it tastes good :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the other recipe that does not require garlic.

One time, when we were preparing the ingredients to cook giniling we found out that we don't have garlic. The problem is, there was thunderstorm that night and we thought it was not practical to go out of the house just to buy garlic.

I used Google and found your site. Yes, the other recipe of Ground Beef tastes really great!

Anonymous said...

HI. UHM. i'm currently doing your recipe. mom's not home, and i want to surprise her next time by cooking giniling for her. uhm, why are my potatoes still crunchy?i need to know what to do before the other ingredients get ovrcooked. thanksss!