Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rice: Cooking Experiences In My Younger Years

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It was early morning, I was watching TV when i smell something was burnt. I thought it came from a neighbor's house so i didn't mind about it. When Mom arrived home from the Supermarket, she smelled it too that she hurriedly went to the kitchen and checked what was burnt there. All of a sudden I felt scared, I was scared of my Mom, she was a strict lady and nagged all the time. I couldn't bear to be pinched again, I thought. When she was mad she could pinch me very painfully that made me cry loud. My dad didn't do the spanking and pinching, only Mom. So i followed her and she greeted me with a pinch on my ear.

That time i realized, I made a mistake. I overcooked the rice and let it burnt unintentionally. I always received pinching and nagging from Mom cos I always forgot to cook the rice properly. We used firewood before when we cook and I don't know much how to control the fire. Still Mom allowed me to cook rice and it never became perfect. If it wasn't burnt, It wasn't good to eat cos it has a lot of water or it lacked water so the rice wasn't cooked properly. I was always a failure.

When I reached high school, my mom didn't bother me much to do the cooking. My brothers were trained by Mom to do it. Also, when Mom and brothers weren't cooking, Dad was around. He's the best cook in our family. He's really a best cook even today. Since we were kids, we were invited to a party always because Dad was the cook. He was always hired to do the cooking. So we had extra food always cos Dad will bring some home.

Hence, Dad always cooked our meals in the morning and brothers did it in the afternoon. All i did was getting up ready for school and eat what they have prepared. But sometimes Mom will ask me to do the cooking and I did it, better than before. Practice really makes perfect. But in my case, it wasn't perfect but less than better.

to be continued...

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